Friday, 16 May 2014

SONG: "The tightrope walker" (Lindansaren)

The tightrope walker  (Lindansaren)

Original: Mikael Wiehe. English translation: Andrei Liberec

1. Recall my childhood’s yearning, recall it vividly,
    to walk along a tightrope, 'neath a circus arched ceiling,
    'magine to float up there, ascended, like a star on a cloudless night,
    far above clowns and jesters, I’d tiptoe along a line

2. And with the spring and heat the, great day of the year had come,
    with streamers and with fanfares, the circus came to town,
    And I was seated first and foremost, and with the orchestra’s first notes,
    that yearning went like fever, or a faintness through my bones

3. I savoured each performance, of men and beasts alike,
    but I was only happy, when the rope-walker arrived,
    And as the snare drum rattled, and the lights were slowly sapped,
    just a lonely flicker shone through, as he took his first step

4. He danced like he was weightless, afloat as if he flew,
    it was so unspeakably graceful, we realized, it must be true,
    that any law can be defied, any bond be shattered too,
    And that there’s nothing in this world, that a human cannot do

5. But what do I know what then happened, was it something that didn’t hold?
    something that burst, something that snapped, that made him trip and fall?
    And as the screams turned to silence, and my heart beat on and on,
    a star laid there in the sawdust, and faded and was gone

6. But life must be lived, even when you don’t want to go on,
    But no more did I go to circus, I did no longer belong,
    ‘Ts as if one lost the capability, to fully go in for one’s dreams,
    when one has seen a star fall, from far too near afield